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What Is Modern Teutonic Animism?
Have you secretly yearned for an authentic Western, Earth-based, animist, spiritual practice but you have been disappointed with some of the New Age religions? Have you tried Eastern spiritual practices, but you just don't relate to them? Are you attracted to Native American Spirituality but you do not wish appropriate someone else's spiritual traditions without permission? You're not alone. Many of us of Western descent are strongly attracted to Earth centered animist philosophies previously only found in non-Western cultures.

Even though many non-Western cultures have made it clear that they do not teach their secrets to Westerners, some Westerners have such a deep yearning for authentic animist spiritual practices that they appropriate these kinds of teachings anyway. Worse yet, often times sincere seekers are duped by New Age frauds posing as Native Americans. This is understandable... This because earth based Animism is EVERYONE'S spiritual heritage regardless of race. It is a sad fact that Europeans abandoned their traditional spiritual wisdom over 1,000 years ago. So, it is no mystery that most Westerners have a deep spiritual emptiness and are desperate for their ancestral spiritual wisdom. In fact they are so desperate that they will search for it wherever they can find it whether it is authentic or not...

Hey,... if you can find an authentic Siberian shaman or Native American Elder who is willing to teach your their spiritual practices, then more power to ya!... I myself have been taught and been given permission by Asian and African teachers to share their wisdom. And I am very privileged to do so... But I did not experience complete fulfillment in my spiritual quest until I began researching and resurrecting the practices of my own ethnic ancestors.

The good news is that it is not necessary to go outside of your own cultural heritage to experience powerful, authentic Earth based animist spiritual practices...

The Thunder Wizard Path is a modern animist spiritual practice derived from spiritual principles contained in the Mythological lore of the pre-Christian Teutonic people of northern Europe.

Embedded within the Norse myths are coded instructions for absorbing universal life force energy (qigong), animism and spiritual transformation. Animism and Wizardry were practiced in northern Europe continuously for 50,000 years. Now these practices are being revealed once again for our generation.
This path is an inclusive path which is open to anyone regardless of race, ethnicity or religion.

Modern Teutonic Animism is designed to give modern Westerners a personal, visceral, experiential mystical practice from within a pre-Christian Teutonic framework.

The Thunder Wizard path of Teutonic Animism is a syncretic path that is derived from mulitple Teutonic sources including Norse, Anglo-Saxon and Continental Teutonic sources.

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Everyone of ANY race, culture or religion is welcome here. It is a scientific fact that all humans living on this Mother Earth are descended from a small group of Homo Sapiens from East Africa more than 70,000 years ago. Therefore, we are all one family. Here we learn how to celebrate our own ethnic ancestors while still being open to learn from anyone else's ancestors who choose to share their knowledge with us. Say NO to hate!

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